Thursday, June 2, 2011

A What?

A book trailer is pretty much exactly what it sounds like - a cross between a movie trailer and a book talk/review.  The goal is to capture the audience's attention through the use of images, voice-over and movies, while describing the book.

My school currently requires that all English classes complete an independent reading project that incorporates a written assignment and a presentation.  My plan for next year is to recruit a few teachers to attempt book trailers with their students to meet these requirements.  The book trailer requires that students display an understanding of the book, are able to integrate graphics and video appropriately to support the tone, theme and content, can write a script for the voice-over that engages viewers, and are familiar with technology in combining these elements.  Of course, the final product also makes a great marketing tool for reader's advisory in my library too.  What better way to market my books than using highly visual book reviews that are made by students for students?

This blog is a perfect way to showcase the book trailers as well since other students can comment on whether they also liked/disliked the book.

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  1. I find book trailers so much more compelling than book talks. Especially when students are showcasing the books they like.